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Netflix users: You might like , which lets you evaluate your Netflix usage (how much are you really spending per movie? etc.).

Another new Alltop page:

Contest: "Rebrand" a literary novel with a mainstream/pop fiction cover style. I hope someone remembers to post a link to the results, because I can't wait. I'm too lazy to use Photoshop and enter the contest, though (and I have no good ideas anyway).

OMG WAIT WHAT: Origami space shuttles! (well, paper airplanes.) ... To be tossed to Earth from space! Did I read that right? Would 400F resistance really be good enough? I think I must have read that wrong.

It's chilly! I need to buy slippers. Also, 'tis the season to make sure I keep some boxed Trader Joe's creamy tomato soup around. I'd really go for a grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup right now.

Oops: Usually I make sure to check fabric labels at Lane Bryant, but this pretty purple sweater I got last month is, apparently, "reshape, dry flat, and warm iron." Ugh. It's pretty thin and soft and is going to look great with a black turtleneck under it, but ... gah. Who wants to iron a sweater? Not me. And I usually try to simply not buy anything that says "reshape" on it, oy.

(Actually, it's "reshape whilst wet"--perhaps made in Bangladesh or something, but I can't actually find the label with the fabric contents and where it was made.)

Here's the sweater (the color's a bit more heathered than the photo). Apparently it's rayon/nylon. Hrm.
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Maybe California wasn't being stupid with the attempted BPA ban:

BPA linked to type II diabetes, cardiovascular problems.

BPA is in plastic food containers, plastic drink bottles (like for Coke or water), and also in can linings.

The evidence isn't really clear yet, but it's just more reason to err on the side of caution and, when possible, buy whole foods, fresh; not buy bottled water; not drink soda; etc. Less waste, less oil used to produce the plastics, and possibly some health protection.

As a kid I trusted the FDA and believed the common notion that the US's FDA is more strict than other nations and over-protects us if anything. As an adult I was disappointed to learn that they are pretty much shoved around by the processed-food and pharmaceutical industries. I don't know if that's recent or if it's always been that way, but ... I don't trust their recommendations anymore. So the fact that the FDA isn't buying into the problems with BPA doesn't at all convince me that it's safe.
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Wait, the John Galt Corporation is the "troubled contractor" company that's supposed to be demolishing the Deutsche Bank Building in New York?

Link stew

May. 10th, 2007 02:15 pm
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[ profile] mactavish noted that a) that LJ Mojo memoid? The values were random, which explains a lot. b) if you posted it in your journal? You might want to go delete it, because according to the assweasel who created it, the graphic has now been replaced by goatse. (If you don't know, don't ask, just try to delete it without looking at it. :p).

So apparently the *other* Japantown hotel (as opposed to the one we got married in) is going to become a Japanese-pop-culture-themed hotel. Could be interesting, could be awful

I think that could actually encourage the former Radisson (the one we DID get married in) to keep its traditional Japanese elegance/art & antiques theme, as a counterpoint, and hopefully improve/spiff up things a bit. They really need to put in a couple of ryokan-style tatami-and-futon suites. That would be awesome.

Really awesome business cards from around the world, including pop up, rubber, and metal cards. Obviously, most of these would cost a fortune, and some would really be too funky for many situations, but they are really creative and interesting to look at. (Okay, the last one is really tacky, but would be funny if a movie or book character used it.)

For all of you librarians and used-book-buyers: a neat MetaFilter post on weird things found in books, with several links plus other examples of odd bookmarks in the comments.

Best headline ever? Skywalkers in Korea Cross Han Solo. Bwahahahah! Ahem. Via [ profile] wcitymike_rss.

Finally, good news: The Toshiba laptop repairs I was concerned about were all covered under warranty, except for the latch, which we opted not to have fixed. If you don't live within easy driving distance of a Toshiba repair facility, though, I would seriously consider not buying a Toshiba Satellite M55. The number of things that have gone wrong with it is pretty impressive.
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Headline: God, Darwin clash again in Kansas (Reuters)

My mental image of this is totally awesome.
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Ando Momofuki, the inventor of instant ramen, passed away today at the age of 93. Most of the online articles just vaguely say that he was "born in Taiwan," but as far as I know, he was actually Taiwanese: born Gô Peh-hok, according to Wikipedia.

Speaking of Japan and not-Japanese Japanese, permission has finally been granted to open the ancient imperal tombs of Japan. As a Japundit writer noted, people sometimes "joke that the old Imperial tombs of Japan would never be opened because we would all learn that the founders of Japan were . . . Korean". And that would be quite shocking to many Japanese.
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I'm looking for something for a tutee to read. I checked out Half-Price Books and all the romance anthologies fell into two categories: 1) horrible, cheesy, shallow, and badly written, or 2) intriguing, well-written, and too hard to read due to difficult language (either historical or literary). I almost got The Queen in Winter after I spotted [ profile] truepenny's name on the cover, but it appeared to fall squarely into Category 2.

I wish I had a pile of cash so I challenge you writers to create some short stories for EFL readers, without too much jargon or uncommon dialects or slang, without too many ultra-complex sentences, without too much sarcasm or cultural references, but with interesting plots and characters. But I don't have the money, plus many of the writers of my acquaintance are into the "tapestry of words" thing, which I enjoy very much but which is deadly to all but the most advanced of EFL readers.

[ profile] assaultdoor and I went to the public premiere of Saigon Love Story (Mercury News article) yesterday. I really enjoyed it. The music is first-rate; definitely a cut above most Asian pop. Although the style isn't especially similar to Faye Wong, it reminded me of her music in some way. Go see it if you can! [ profile] assaultdoor got tickets because he knows the family of the director, who live in our town, and I'm really glad we got to go.

Here come ... the Japanese food police? I don't know about this. I mean, I'm not fond of all the second- and third-rate Japanese restaurants that have opened merely because the market is saturated with Chinese restaurants or still not adventurous enough for Korean cuisine. But there's a range of quality in every other kind of restaurant too, so I don't know if there's any need for this. It kind of smacks of xenophobia, too, though I can understand the shock Japanese gourmands would feel at their first bite of American mall-quality "Japanese" food. But it's the same shock an Italian would feel on seeing a mayo-and-corn-covered pizza and mentaiko-and-nori-topped spaghetti in a run-of-the-mill "Italian" cafe in Japan, so ... The American public does need some educating and mind-broadening when it comes to Japanese food, I admit; still, it's a bit of "pot, meet kettle."

The article does say there are "several nations -- including Italy and Thailand -- now offering guidelines and reward programs to restaurants abroad to regain a measure of control o ver their increasingly internationalized cuisines." I've never heard of nor seen any evidence of these programs, but I suppose I could live with some metric for quality control and authenticity, as long as there is still room for fusion and experimentation. (I *love* Japanese pepperonicini spaghetti, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't exist in Italy, just as most of my favorite kinds of American pizza don't either. And the only negative aspect of my favorite local Japanese place serving sashimi AND tempura AND tonkatsu AND udon AND etc. on the same menu, which isn't done in Japan, is that it indicates the American market for Japanese food hasn't matured enough to support many specialty resturants yet.)

Lulu Titlescorer: predicts a book title's chances of being a bestseller... If only it were as easy as all that!

Speaking of "easy", got this via [ profile] pinyin_news: At least 40% of China's population can't speak Mandarin, and no wonder, since many of the local languages are just that--languages, not dialects of Chinese, no matter what nationalist propaganda China puts out and the whole world has swallowed. And to think people (officials, reporters, etc.) are still claiming China will be the world's largest English-speaking nation any year now.

Americans owe more money than we earn. But uh, the economy's super-duper. Really. No worries.

Speaking of worries, the Wii remote seems to have a microphone in it--a microphone that's broadcasting on a channel that our cordless phones can pick up. Errr ... This makes me somewhat uncomfortable.


EDIT: Wait, you mean there's not a microphone confirmed in the Wii? Errr...
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Dear Boing Boing, I think you mean "What the hell is wrong with certain WRITERS?" Link goes to post about bestiality case, in which the human is described as "having sex with" the animal. Sorry--as with rape cases, child sexual abuse, etc., the offender should NOT be described as "having sex with" the victim. The offender assaulted the victim, who had no say in the matter. Sex is a two-way act, and bizarre dolphin stories aside, these kinds of incidents are one-way. Writers need to be very cautious with their language; while we all know the literal definition of the phrase may apply here, the connotation is of consensuality and mutual participation.
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So I was thinking--if my odds of getting a full-time job with benefits as an ESL teacher are slim-to-none (at least without 5-10 years of experience), maybe I should do a little more research on the idea of setting up my own TESOL consultancy. It would be aimed at Japanese- and Mandarin-speaking adults, with private lessons, editing, etc. Not sure where to start finding out more--the session I went to at the conference that sounded related really wasn't. It was about setting up a company that trains hotel staff, construction workers, etc. I don't want to get involved in anything that complicated. I like working one-on-one with people. I like tackling crosscultural issues. And I like the idea of being able to select my clients to find people I can really work with. :p Classroom teachers can't do that... I should post this to [ profile] buildyourwings, eh?

You'll be happy to know that your sushi may contain fish sold by the Unification Church ("Moonies"). This Chicago Tribune article includes the astonishing phrase "the 1980 'Way of Tuna' sermon."

[ profile] comixgrrls remains pretty quiet, but female comics creators (and others) periodically use it to announce their new projects, which is awesome. So, if you're interested in independent comics, webcomics, etc., you might want to join it.

I'm watching the new "Battlestar Galactica" for the first time. Yay!
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[ profile] unkyrich bought awesome bumper stickers from Peacemonger. Check it out if you are in the religious left and/or liberal categories.

[ profile] cognitivedaily: Add this, [ profile] unkyrich! It's good cog psy stuff, with a posting schedule that's not frequent enough to drive you nuts.

Disney character bento creations. Quite amazing.

So I went to the clinic. The nurse cooed over my blood pressure (pretty darn good for a fat chick--and might I mention I also have perfect cholesterol and no signs of diabetes, no matter how many times they test me). I coughed a bit and when she realized that wasn't what my appointment was for, she ordered me to mention it to the doctor. The doctor just looked at my wrist and said "You need to see a specialist." WOO YAY. They don't even do aspirating at the clinic. Negative answers to "Do you have insurance?" and "Do you think you might have insurance soon?" provoked worried looks. Sigh. (I posted about what kind of specialist I'm looking for under the Bay Area filter, but if any certain lurkers have advice, pass it along.)

Anyway, she said I was wheezing an awful lot, and she thought I had bronchitis, so she swacked me with an amoxicillin prescription and an albuterol inhaler. Well, lack of sound effects in my lungs would be nice, and I was concerned about maybe reduced breathing efficiency at night, which is an issue for people with sleep apnea, so ... I'll try it.

I have to call the July job boss back (sorry lurkers, details were f'locked due to sensitive nature of rant). I don't want to. In fact, I'm waiting till Clint gets home.

Around 9/11 I was taking Chinese tutoring at Berlitz in SF, right across from the Transamerica Pyramid, which was a bit anxiety-inducing. Anyway, they taught me the Mandarin for words like "terrorist" and "explosion." I don't remember any of them, which is typical of my experience with the Berlitz Method (it may work for some people, but it sure as heck doesn't work for me. But I ran into Liza Dalby, which was kinda cool.). But I think I'll remember the Japanese, because it's easier: テロ事件 (tero jiken).

I think most of my London and UK friends have checked in, though there were a couple people there I didn't even realize were visiting (as is the case with any random major world city, I guess, what with you lot being all cosmopolitan). In case anyone has somehow missed it, [ profile] london_070705 is doing an impressive job as a news and information clearinghouse.

I personally agree with [ profile] emrinalexander that the US local news networks' coverage of "What Your Local Transit System Is Doing Right Now" is getting stupid. (Modified Tactical Alert in LA! CHPs officers on BART!) I understand the idea behind getting out stories about what your local system would do in an emergency, and some reassurance about their preventative measures, but at this point it's verging on self-important wankery. Meh.

I hope Phoenix adds tag support soon. I've been using XJournal now that I have OSX, butI like Phoenix's features better. If you have another OSX LJ client to recommend, please do.


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