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I + you have managed to check everything except "Shaman King" for the use of Japanese honorifics. Thank you! If you'd like a postcard from Northern California, send a message to claris at g mail dot com with your address and let me know if you want a Bay Area scenic post card or a puzzling Japanese variety store postcard. I'd be more than happy to send you one.

I might manage to get back to the bookstore and check Shaman King, though; we'll see.

Now I have the problem of getting my hands on the ones marked Yes, because my library has almost none of the newer ones, and the ones they do have are pretty much checked out and reserved into the distance future. :/ Buying a couple volumes of each is going to be pretty expensive, and these are mostly not series I'm that interested in collecting (partly because they're not my kind of thing, and partly because I just can't afford to get into super-long-running series even if they are my kind of thing). I'll check Half-Price Books, though.


Mar. 10th, 2009 01:58 pm
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Dear manga fans, will you do me a huge favor?

If you have any of these titles on hand in English (official ones, not scanlations), will you grab them and see if they include Japanese terms like -san and -sama and -chan and whatnot? I just need a YES/NO. (And if you have all of them, I don't expect you to look at all of them--even checking one or two would be really helpful :))

Naruto NO
Death Note NO
Fruits Basket YES
Bleach NO
Vampire Night YES
Full Metal Alchemist NO
Chibi Vampire YES
Black Cat NO
One Piece NO
Read more... )

If they do have the Japanese honorific titles included, then I gotta go buy/tachiyomu/borrow them. If not, I get to list them in the "NOT!" column (and figure out why :P). But if you can just help me with the YES/NO part, it would be a great start. I'm pressed for time and your assistance would make my life so much easier. I'll send you a postcard....

Those are all Viz/Tokyopop/Del Rey, I notice. I don't know what the most notable titles from smaller publishers were for 2008, It would be nice to include a few of those, but I don't know how to choose in any meaningful way. And of course, my comparison for 1998ish is going to be a different set of publishers (Dark Horse, anyone?).


Jan. 22nd, 2009 09:47 pm
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MySoju has a TV show based on a manga I've never heard of by Hagio Moto, called... "Iguana no Musume."

Oh dear.

Well, if you're new to Japanese TV shows, I don't think I'd start there.


Jan. 12th, 2009 11:59 am
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Am actually trying to write questions for editor/publisher-types for the S'ford thesis.

Wish [ profile] hoshizora were around but he has a lot of things to deal with right now, so.

Basically, I need to come up with a couple sets of questions about how/since when/why manga publishing companies in the US started including Japanese honorific titles like -san and -sama (and diminuitives like -chan) in their English translations. One set will be for the editor/publisher-type people and one set will be for the translator/cleanup-type people. However, all of the questions need to be policy/action questions, not feeling questions (e.g., how was this handled, why was this corporate decision made; not "did this make your life harder?"). And I can't ask a billion questions because these are busy people.

If you have any suggestions, they'd be really welcome. I'm pretty much on my own in this without the usual support network of other students, regular meetings with my advisor (she's really busy, and I'm unofficial!), etc., so your input is a good thing. And I am under a massive time crunch, and terrified.

Later I'll be prevailing upon you for your translator and other contacts, too, because I don't know how far I'm going to get through the websites. Eek.

Yeah, I'm listening to a playlist that's almost all Hisaishi (plus Vanessa Mae and some other stuff) because it's instrumental and fast-paced, and thus good for writing. (And upbeat, since I really need encouragement to not fling myself off the cliff of academia.)


Here's what I have so far for the publishers' end but it's vaguely incoherent because this "breakfast tea" has a caffeine content that I suspect is rather low.

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Okay, I'm trying to get a list of everyone who currently publishes and translates manga FROM JAPAN that can be bought in English in the US. Not sure if I want to include defunct publishers, like Studio Ironcat, for the historical perspective, or not. Anyway, have I left anybody important off? Please take a look and tell me!

Alas, I'm trying to leave off publishers like ALC (Yuricon) that only publish a handful of titles, and publishers that do purely erotic manga, so let me know if I've accidentally included those. (NB: Defunct, but big enough to be worth trying to contact)

Who am I missing? (added Go!Comi, thanks!)

Pretty soon I need to contact editors/publishers/translators at all of these places, and freelance translators.

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Hey, if you've seen some manga that includes a note about the use of honorific titles (-san, -sama, etc.), I'd really appreciate your telling me the name of the manga and what volume the note appears in.

My thesis project is, apparently, going to be a survey of the trend toward preserving Japanese honorific titles in commercially published and translated manga, so if you've noticed anything interesting in that respect, please pass it along.

I figure this trend started with scanlations, but I don't think I have the archival powers to find the first occurrences of honorifics, alas. I wonder if [ profile] khyungbird or anybody already knows.

([ profile] telophase or others with lots of manga-fan readers, a repost would be really welcome!)
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If you know an undergraduate (in the US) who's on a Pell Grant, have them check out this scholarship program for study abroad. There's a bonus supplement for people studying certain languages, too.

I so wish I'd done real study abroad as an undergrad.

I actually felt OLD today. I brought a $1 Gail Carson Levine (Ella Enchanted) book up to the check-out counter at Half-Price Books. The clerk, who looked to be in that vague college-age-to-my-age range, glanced at it and said "Oh! I loved these books when I was a kid."

Buh? "They didn't have these books when I was a kid," I responded without thinking.

Publication date 1999. I guess if she's 18 ...


Hillary Clinton is working SO hard to lose my vote. Her chief campaign strategist is also working for Blackwater USA.

I know, it's all business, highest bidder, whatever--it's a black mark as far as I'm concerned.

True Love and High Adventure: The Princess Bride ... Videogame. I want this to not suck. Please. I love the book so much...

Some link-of-a-link-of-a-link led me to Games For Change, which "provides support, visibility and shared resources to organizations and individuals using digital games for social change. This is the primary community of practice for those interested in making digital games about the most pressing issues of our day, from poverty to race and the environment. We are the social change/social issues branch of the Serious Games Initiative." The Serious Games Initiative encourages "the use of games in education, training, health, and public policy."

Okay, that's cool. Damn, why are they based in New York? Rats.

Ah well, check it out.

Huh, I just realized recently that I've totally stopped shopping at Safeway. Huzzah! Safeway annoys me, and is full of stuff I don't need to eat.

Except I am going to have to go there to pick up some Nutella now that Trader Joe's doesn't have a version of it anymore. Bother.

Matt Thorn writes about Japanese manga readers' expectations and assumptions.

Check the comments for more explanation by Thorn.

As noted, this video of Japanese dancer Kanichi winning the 2006 Apollo Dance Challenge in Harlem is a bit old, but it's pretty good--and I'm posting it for the Matrix fans on my list, because the Matrix part is fairly amazing!

I don't have an opinion on the science behind this, but I know some of you may be interested: "A woman in her 30s who has a very low risk of heart attack and a family history of breast cancer might want to seriously consider avoiding alcohol."

So, I'm on about Yosemite again. Anyone have a specific recommendation for a place to stay during the winter--as inexpensive as possible? I believe we'd have at least 4 people and would need at least 3 beds, either in separate rooms or as a cottage/cabin. I don't actually think any of us would object to a regular ol' (clean) motel, though obviously more atmosphere would be a bonus. West side since we'd be coming from the SF Bay Area.

P. S. It is very weird to see Mr. Gibbs in "A Bit of Fry of Laurie". He looks so young. o_O

Dolores Umbridge is in the next episode, too.
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As brought to my attention by [ profile] telophase: if you send off an e-mail to , you'll get a $30 gift certificate to Donors Choose, which can be applied to fund classroom projects of your choice. ENDS MONDAY AT 5 PM PACIFIC TIME.

[ profile] telophase has issued a Manga Matsuri Challenge!!! (exclamation points mine) to point some of the donations toward three classroom project proposals that employ manga. As you probably know, using manga to teach English is a pet subject of mine. So, if you're going to request the certificate and you're not sure which project to choose, why not pick one of these?
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I have shamelessly stolen these links from [ profile] thesaucernews:
The Best (WORST) Fantasy & Science Fiction Book Covers. Although I think that a) some of these aren't that bad, and b) there are far, far worse covers on the $1 paperback rack at Half-Price Books.

Then we have 2005's worst romance novel covers and 2006's. Yikes.

Punk Rock Penguin presents more bad covers. If you click on the first one, you can look at them one at a time in a good size, which is an improvement over the other sites' tiny images. Hey, I want to revel in the awfulness, not squint at it! (At least one image not particularly safe for work.)

Speaking of books, I have another story idea. But I can't choose between the two main characters: which one should be the protagonist? I can think of lots of books where the PoV is split between multiple characters, but what about one where TWO characters are both the protagonists, and are mostly in the same place at the same time? Is this just stupid? Can you think of a book that does this? (Preferably recent, and genre.)

Thanks a lot, [ profile] hildy. NOW I'M ALL BITTER.
I mean, I think I even walked past it on the way from Ikebukuro station to Sunshine City, or maybe that was one of the Sega buildings. Either way, it blows the Sakura Taisen cafe out of the water. Not that I regret going there, because it was fun despite the draconic no-photos rule.

But yeah. You need to click on that link. Then you need to buy me a plane ticket back to Japan.

Speaking of random Japanese stuff, I bought "NANA: Live Staff Daiboshuu! Shoshinsha Kangei" for DS, half-off. Yes, in Japanese. I hope my friend will help me play it, because there's no FAQ at (which actually has a lot of Japanese-only games, but I guess this one is too girly or something).

This is part of a job listing I got in my e-mail today. Watch out, world!

Disney Publishing Worldwide has recently developed a new Disney English Language Learning (ELL) division to build upon Disney's 30-year history of providing kids' English Language Learning products infused with our timeless stories and characters. This division has created a common ELL brand that will be deployed across the entire Walt Disney Company and serve as the catalyst for all future worldwide development including print, gaming, video, and audio. The foundation for these efforts will be the introduction of Disney ELL centers where children will be inspired, motivated and delighted by an engaging and highly communicative educational experience that leverages state-of-the-art technology, compelling animation and video content, and award-winning music all offered in a truly unique Disney environment.


*Now you know almost as much Kagoshima dialect as I do. (Wasse = very.)
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Can you think of any text-light manga? I wanted to find things that my client could read, but his favorites--Nana, Dragonball Z, and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure are all either chock-full of slang, or just weird words. DBZ is a great example of the "superhero comic vocabulary effect," in which there are lots of low-frequency words like sensor, void, hyperbolic, transdimensional, job security, miracle, massacre, etc. This is not good for a beginner, though it's great for building vocabulary after a certain point. Other things I picked up and looked at had problems like deliberately archaic narration, tons of historical jargon, etc.

I wound up getting him volume 1 of the Kiki's Delivery Service film comic and Someday's Dreamers, which both have relatively little text, and it's pretty straightforward dialogue with very little slang.

So, can you think of any other manga along those lines?

(Not Gon! It's wordless, which won't really help with the whole reading thing XD)
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The worst thing about the housing thing for me is that [ profile] assaultdoor and I are not in/heading for careers where that kind of purchase is even possible, regardless of whether the price is reasonable.

In other TOTALLY UNFAIR news: Two of my favorite people in the world will soon be living in the same damned state, and it's NOT CALIFORNIA. No, naturally it's Texas. I guess I need to see if there are any conferences in the state, and how long of a drive it is between Wichita Falls and Houston (though I'm pretty sure I already know the answer: REALLY FAR). Sigh. I really miss you guys. :|

WordCamp (meetup/conference for WordPress users) is going to happen again this year, but it's not going to be free. If it's $10, I'll probably go, but definitely not if it's $20 or $30. It'll be 2 days this time.

Shojo Beat event at the Asian Art Museum in SF, featuring the Shimotsuma Monogatari novelist. At the link, you can enter to win tickets (just to the event--travel is not included). The deadline is May 18 (this Friday). You can also enter to win two general tickets to the Asian Art Museum. (Now that's really my dream job: Being whoever it is at the AAM who's behind all of this manga-related stuff lately!)

In other manga-nerd news, there's a new magazine coming out: Otaku USA. Yeah, the title makes me cringe a bit. And I'm very, very skeptical that it will succeed. With 3 weeks till launch date, their website ought not be "Under Construction." If it's supposed to come out on June 5, there should be a hell of a lot more information (or ANY information) there. I predict failure for this venture, unless they get their act together ASAP. Good luck, guys; you're going to need it.

And continuing on the theme, the rather nice [ profile] mangacast has a writeup of a panel on professional manga translation, with the conclusion that it's no way to make a living. Yeah, that's true of any profession where most people are working part-time or freelance. [insert standard screed on the status of health care in the USA]

(Tangentially, I went to a local radio station's website to see if I could find a link to a study putting the US at the bottom of major "Western" countries in terms of health care. Couldn't find it, but I still feel compelled to say "KGO, your website is out of control!" Good grief, the clutter! I had to fight from reflexively closing that tab as soon as it loaded. Web designers, take a look and prepare to weep/laugh hysterically/send them a redesign proposal.)
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Sorry, lots of posting today.

We don't multi-task as well as we think we do. Yes, even young people. Lesson? Turn off IM when you're programming/writing/doing math/whatever. At least for some of the time.

Yes, this is a hard thing for me to do too, but I'm pretty sure that my perceived productivity when multi-tasking is not nearly as high as I think it is.

Now, I wonder if I can convince my roommate [ profile] siderealengine of this. ;)

I must thank [ profile] saucernews for informing us all that there is an, to restore balance to the universe. Snakes, bugs, mollusks, cephalopods, etc. ahoy.

According to a post on the Shoujo Anime Club ML, a manga publishing company called Vertical is working on publishing more classic shoujo manga/manga by the famous 1970s shoujo manga artists, of which we've previously seen a criminally small amount in English. They have already come out with "To Terra" by Takemiya "Song of Wind and Trees" Keiko. They've mentioned Moto Hagio and others as future projects.

I mean, I'm a little sad because I wanted to be behind the company that did all this, but that was totally a pipe dream so I'm really just thrilled that someone's doing it. I do wish they were based out here rather than in New York City so I could aspire to work for them someday, but hey, [ profile] hoshizora: I think this company is definitely a future prospect for you.

They've been around since 2001, but I think they're starting to make their impact known now.

I'm going to make a list of 101 things I want to accomplish over 1001 days. Making the list itself will be time-consuming, but I'm going to do it, I think. I've been thinking about goals the last few days. There was a TESOL session I didn't get to go to, which reported yet more evidence that language learners who set specific goals for themselves accomplish more than those who don't. This is probably true for most things. But currently I flail, with vague notions about the future and little clarity. So list-making time it is.

Okay, I have started to use -- I'm still not sure about it, or how to use it, but I'm there, and you can find me using my standard e-mail address. I tried it out because I noticed [ profile] mshades had rated my new project, Readable Blog, on StumbleUpon. Thanks, [ profile] mshades! I need lots of promotion and readers and feedback and comments at this point. So I'll be delighted if anyone comments here or there, Diggs posts, rates the site or individual posts on StumbleUpon, or adds the site to their links--or if you send it to an ESL/EFL teacher or learner.

(I think I broke Readable for IE. At least, in the old version of IE that's on this computer for emergency purposes only, there's like a whole page of white space. I think it's not playing nice with the sidebar. If you're on a computer using IE, could you check for me? Geh.)
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I know there are a bunch of "Supernatural" fans on my f'list, so check out the various Supernatural-related interviews and such in this month's Sequential Tart:

Manga Jouhou is having a yuri-themed week, including translations of articles and columns on yuri manga from Japanese publications:

(Yuri manga is manga with female romance themes, to varying degrees.)

Quantity wins over quality. If you're trendy, prolific, and have a foot in the door, life is gravy, I guess. For reference, please consult the ouevres of Boyd Lafayette DeMente and Christopher Hart.

Boyd DeMente is a self-styled expert on Japan and author of such classics as Bachelor's Japan (an entire tome of Asian fetish on display), The Chinese Have a Word for It: The Complete Guide to Chinese Thought and Culture (oversimplified, insulting, caricatured, and frequently linguistically dead wrong), Asian Face Reading: Unlock the Secrets Hidden in the Human Face and How to Measure the Sexuality of Men & Women by Their Facial Features (no comment), Women of the Orient: Intimate Profiles of the World's Most Feminine Women (...), and Why Mexicans Think & Behave the Way They Do! (yes, the ! is in there, and yes, apparently he's an expert on Mexico as well as Japan, China, and Korea, not to mention the Navajo and Hopi). And so many more.

Nonspecialists eat this guy up, but he's wrong on more things than he's right about--plus deeply insulting to women and pretty much every culture he writes about.

Christopher Hart is ... is ... well, check out the artwork here, which is strictly on the level of poorly copied fanart. [ profile] divalea's little girl could out-draw this guy blindfolded. Yet he has essentially his own shelf at Borders (see all his Amazon entries), and Del Rey is going to be publishing his first "original English language manga" (OEL manga). It blows my mind. There are dozens of more skilled artists at any convention's Artist Alley. Livejournal (heck, my friends list alone!) and are crawling with more talent.

I hate to insult any artist who's trying, but look at that page and tell me you haven't seen better work done by 13-year-olds. It wouldn't bother me so much if he weren't publishing instructional books, you know? Shame on the publisher for not trying to find someone who can actually produce professional-looking art. (Please do not do your nephews and nieces the disservice of buying them these books. There are many better ones out there.)

2.5 million books in 17 languages. Wow.

I can only assume that both of these guys are great about deadlines and constantly have more ideas of things that sound publishable.
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I finally discovered Yakitake!! Japan, a very silly anime about ... well, about bread, with many bad puns (helpfully explained by pop-down menus done by the fansubbers), and extreme, lightning-flashing, tear-gushing, earth-rending over-reactions to nearly everything by nearly every character--a pretty good poke at the way a lot of shounen anime series tend to do that. Trust me, it's funnier than it sounds. You can watch the first episode subtitled in English and several more on YouTube--while they last. They give recipes and so on sometimes too, so I really don't recommend watching it if you have nothing to snack on. (There's a *bakery consultant* who was involved in the show. bwahaha!) I'm not responsible if this show results in bread getting baked in your house! Though you can give me some if you like.

And now I recognize where a couple of people's icons come from. heh.

The Comics Journal ran a good article about scanlated manga, manga that is scanned in and translated by fans (warning: page has NSFW content if your work doesn't like drawings of bare-chested mermaids or comic-book characters). Scanlated stuff is often too adult, daring, abstract, literary, or just too weird to ever be officially released in English, though sometimes a title surprises everyone and gets licensed anyway. It's a good article and I'd especially like to call [ profile] hoshizora's attention to the bottom of the second page, where the writer wonders why more scanlators and publishers haven't tackled the work of the Forty-Niners. Hey, [ profile] hoshizora, I wonder how we would go about getting the rights to some of Moto Hagio's and Nishi Keiko's works? XD (Or, uh, need a thesis topic? ;) As I recall, you can translate a text for a thesis without actually getting the rights to it; you just can't publish it. I guess if someone is thinking of going on for a PhD there would need to be plenty of analysis and other stuff in the paper, so those bits would be publishable.)

I have half a mind to start Old-School Manga, Inc., and publish a lot of those older works that fell by the wayside but would probably still be very much enjoyed by American readers. I'm not ambitious enough, though. I need some partners or something. Plus we'd need a better name.

Anyway, even if you couldn't care less about manga in general, if you like cats, check out these two series which were mentioned in the article: Bernie's Drawing Diary and Chii's Sweet Home. The former is a fantasy-influenced, very artistic work that looks really interesting to me; I haven't had time to really read it yet, but the art is beautiful. The latter is exceedingly cute. Really. Go look. You need this in your life.

Both Windows machines and Macs these days often come with built-in image viewers that make it very easy to read whole folders of scanlated manga--usually you can just hit the arrow keys to move to the next image--which is nice.
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Japan Times article about "garu komikku"--neither shoujo manga nor reidisu komikku, apparently. The article's kind of flippant, which is too bad, because I'd like to find out more.

So Taiwan is at risk for the avian flu. And Roche won't release the patent on Tamiflu, which is currently the best treatment. So Taiwan said "Screw you guys, we'll make our own." Do you think it's ethical?

new feed: [ profile] oddjapan

I wonder if cameras are allowed at DNA Lounge.

I wonder if I'll ever be able to concentrate on these midterms. My hands are getting more and more distracting.


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