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Here are the personal projects of my LJ friends and their friends and family, which I think are great places to start your holiday shopping. I think I posted everything that was sent to me, but if I missed something, please let me know. (And I'll keep adding to this post if you missed the previous requests for your info!)

[ profile] whytraven has a book, Raven's Roads: A Little Twist of Texas (Also, all you librarians should see if this is something you can/should order!) She says "It's the tale of what it's like to take a long solo motorcycle trip. (Scary, but ultimately quite an awakening.) I've had many comments along the lines of "Oh, now I understand why you ride" from non-riders. If you like travel essays you'll probably enjoy it. :)"

[ profile] cissa has many projects:

  • Electric Celt: "My original Celtic designs on jewelry, greeting cards, t-shirts, switchplates, and more! One can also get my Celtic ogham divination system, "The Voice of the Woods," there."

  • AFMetalsmith: "My artisan jewelry in silver and gold, with glass enamels, and precious and semi-precious stones. Some of this work is for sale; some of it is not but shows my range of work. I am happy to accept commissions" [ED: but since I, [ profile] wintersweet waited so long to post this, I think it's too late now--you can always give a certificate or promise, though! I was very happy with the item I commissioned for our wedding :D]

  • And my Etsy shop: "There's some overlap here with the other 2 sites, but a lot of unique work too, in a price range of $10 and up. It's all handmade jewelry in silver and gold (mostly), and many pieces have gems. Pieces like my Trinket Rings, made to order in any size, generally ship within a week; however while I can also accept original commissions through Etsy," [same thing as above].

[ profile] tewok says: Port Righ: "I'm in a folk band called Port Righ, which mostly does trad. Scottish music, plus some Irish, sea shanteys, and some originals. I play pipes and concertina and sing for the band. We have one CD, "Na Bi Gorach" ("Don't Be Foolish", in Scots Gaelic) that's available at here and at CD Baby. Jo Morrison: My wife is Jo Morrison, and she's a superb Celtic harper. She has five CDs, including her latest "Flights of Fantasy" that's all original music. Her CDs are available at her website here and at CD Baby".

[ profile] banzchan says: "Studio Capsule - We have a zazzle account. We sell t-shirts, buttons and other stuff. All our stuff is super cute and fun. I especially, like our panda and our penguin."

[ profile] dreadpiratetait promotes her mom's stuff, saying: "I'm personally very partial to her Celtic tiles--I can vouch for the oak tree which I got for my birthday and the Celtic swans which she sent us for our anniversary. (I mention the tiles because they're very affordable.) Then there's my sister's jewelry. There's not a huge amount on her Etsy site yet because she spends far more time making jewelry and at her physical store but this gives a good idea of her work and she does do custom stuff. It's under SilverSwanDesigns. She really needs to get more of her work up there."

[ profile] jenstclair has an Etsy shop:
and says: "I also have four books in print and have copies on hand to sign if anyone is interested. They will also be on my etsy shop, though. My youngest sister Jessica has been making jewelry, and she also has an etsy shop: and she really does great work."

[ profile] two_star says: "I still have a bunch of copies of my laser-cut acrylic geometric puzzle L-topia, which I'm selling for $15 a pop."

[ profile] ellyssian's Zazzle shop: [some very appealing nature photography, and if you know any covered bridge junkies, there's a really nice calendar with images from 3 bridges.] There's a Fungus Among Us book on Blurb.

[ profile] bossymarmalade's BFF (hee!) has a shop on Etsy, Amias, with beaded jewelry and handmade crafts.

[ profile] dlandon has an Etsy shop, Dena Stoll Designs, with "handmade, cloth bags of various sizes and bags specifically for knitters."

[ profile] niac says: "I have available photographs, my flickr stream. Anything that's not people I will print for $15/print + shipping. Ask about the people. Some have signed releases, most not. "

[ profile] cortneyofeden says she "can make chainmail bracelets and necklaces. They're made from aluminum, lightweight, and I can use lots of fun colors." She can make other jewelry as well.

Finally, my ([ profile] wintersweet's) brother-in-law has cool stuff, weird stuff, and pretty stuff at Zazzle, including ties (a betta fish tie AND a Squid Pope tie?) and we both have stuff at Cafepress, including some solstice holiday items.

(Sorry, at least it's out on December 1 this time. Yes, you can still get listed if you comment. Yes, services like web design are fine to mention too.)
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It went well enough; it was late as usual because the kitchen is so small and I don't always plan well. But the turkey was, I venture to say, very good. The "mahogany turkey breast" technique was so good that I actually ate some of the skin (I never eat poultry skin, but I was talked into trying it). It was delicious! (But god, wrangling with the raw turkey breast-on-the-bone was at least 80% as disgusting as working with a whole raw turkey after all...once again, I nearly went vegetarian...[ profile] assaultdoor was supposed to help me with that part but we weren't able to arrange the timing with picking up C.'s brother and all.)

The vegetables that caramelized along with it were also delicious, if somewhat unattractive, and I plan to roast more vegetables with soy sauce and mirin in the future. The pumpkin pies with the random Whole Foods recipe rather than my usual recipe came out fine, and the mashed potatoes with olive oil-fried "roasted" garlic were pretty good too. There was also sweet potato casserole, sausage-cranberry-walnut stuffing(from Trader Joe's), and focaccia rolls (from TJ's). I didn't feel like making gravy after all, and I figured the emergency backup turkey gravy from TJ's would be OK, but it WASN'T. It was the most insipid beige stuff, about the color of the underside of my forearm--not a good color for turkey gravy. I added ground black pepper and a bunch of the caramelized onions and garlic from the roasting pan and it got somewhat better (and darkened several shades). Oh, and the cranberry sauce from fresh whole berries was good too, I think! I'm putting in more almond flavoring next year--I liked it! Crazy experiment I thought of just because Neil Gaimain mentioned something about it in his blog. It was just sweet enough.

[ profile] assaultdoor and [ profile] toratigris helped with some of the above cooking--thanks very much!

I need a bigger kitchen and a table with a leaf in it, because there's not quite enough room for four people AND a lot of food. But it was good having people here! It's more fun with people here.

Anyway, then we played Fluxx in order to relax before we were able to make room to eat pie. I don't think I was very good company, and I was a little cranky by that point. I did too much stuff by myself the last few days just because that's how it worked out, what with [ profile] assaultdoor not even getting yesterday off (which is pretty normal when you teach, of course). So I'm sorry about that. But I hope everybody had a pretty good time. I really need to go fall down now so that I can manage the Academy of Sciences tomorrow, even though I really want to stay up and get that Animal Crossing: City Folk with Wii Speak bundle at Amazon. :P
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My place is now gamer-clean. It's not client-clean, but it's clean enough to have friends over. Just gotta keep it that way. Woohoo!

(Except our bedroom, which is a mess and we didn't get to. Blah.)

You know how you always kick yourself over tiny, bad decisions, even decisions you couldn't have known were wrong? In the interest of correcting for that: Self, good call on buying the somewhat less delicious Mrs. Smith's frozen pie crusts instead of the Trader Joe's pie crusts, since the Mrs. Smith's are less work and last night's pumpkin pies turned into a frigging saga due to some disturbingly discolored old canned pumpkin (complete with late-night run to Safeway). Yes. Good call.

Now [ profile] assaultdoor is off to SFO via BART to pick up his brother. He'll probably be too early, as the flight's delayed. I guess it's due to fog, but good luck finding out THAT information. SFO's official website contains no information about the general status of the airport, the weather conditions, or anything. And its flight status page is just wrong--it didn't even list the flight as delayed. So just a warning--don't rely on for anything.

I'm very pleased that I get to cook this year. :) I wasn't able to use my own pie recipe due to the above saga, but we'll see. Next year I'll be more creative with the menu, probably.

So, I'm going to go poke at the turkey, but probably not start it yet (since the guys probably won't even get back until 2ish), finish cleaning up a few bits and pieces, maybe mop the kitchen floor, make the cranberry sauce, and whatever else I can get done.

P. S. Supposedly, Amazon will have Wii consoles and Wii Fits tonight...
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1. Go eat a tasty and filling. breakfast somewhere. I'm going to need the energy.
2. Blitz the thrift store on the way home to see if they have a stand of some kind to put by the front door, any kind of armoire/chest/tallboy/whathaveyou storage for the dining room, storage bench for under the front window, or dining room chairs. (They didn't.)
3. Take out recycling (i.e., bags full of paper) so I can see how much that lowers the overall level of crap. (Didn't take it out, but consolidated it.)
4. Clean off kitchen table, wash tablecloth, move stacks off desk, move boxes upstairs, move stacks off rolling cart, move DDR pad, move towel off bookcase (don't ask), get boxes out of living room floor, get junk out of living room floor, move junk from around table (just needs tidying now), find somewhere to stash books we need to sell.
5. Go to Target to see if they have any of the above furniture at a reasonable price. (They kinda did, but I couldn't get it home by myself. Maybe tomorrow; maybe not.) Buy a roasting pan somewhere while out--too bad I threw out the Bed Bath & Beyond coupon. And garbage bags. And shower curtain.
6. Furniture assembly, if any.
7. A miracle happens and I acquire a new couch.
8. If #8 fails to happen, cover couch with quilt and cushions.

I fear there is no profit involved here.

Wednesday (no particular order):
Vacuum, preferably before [ profile] assaultdoor, who is allergic to dust, gets home.
Dust, and not in the Amelia Bedelia sense.
Wash remaining pots and pans, maybe set up new toaster oven and buy some snacks that can be baked in it and eaten while the turkey is roasting.
Buy flowers.
Cook cranberry sauce and whatever else can be cooked in advance. (Mashed potatoes? I don't know. Sweet potato casserole except the marshmallows ... Not sure about green beans ... Oh! Pumpkin pie!)
Check on my brother-in-law's flight and arrange pick-up time (and method!); coordinate with [ profile] toratigris.
Do things from Tuesday's list that I didn't manage to complete.
Move boxes around in the office ([ profile] assaultdoor might have to help). Wash bedding & guest towels.
Get [ profile] assaultdoor to take out kitchen and bathroom trash.
Mop kitchen floor.


Nov. 24th, 2008 05:16 pm
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sore feet.

Too much grocery shopping.


I didn't realize Raley's didn't have a proper meat department! Gah!

*mumbles about lack of Whole Foods*

If we were just done cleaning, I could drive to a Whole Foods, but no, there's really not time.

So once I unpack the food from the other places, I get to go to Safeway.


And I keep second-guessing myself, like "I really need another green vegetable besides green beans!" But come on, there are half a dozen side dishes already. (Mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green beans, stuffing, bread of some kind, cranberry relish ... ) For only 4 people I think that's fine. But if 2 more show up I'll add brussels sprouts or something, I think. Something I can do in advance or on the stove, at any rate.

Oh well, at least I ran into [ profile] ext_4728 and LJless D at Raley's, and a couple other people I needed to run into, earlier.

(The Balance Board is about half an inch too long for any box that's a standard size and not grossly too big, so we're going to wind up hacking together two boxes with strapping tape. Really, as much as we're paying them for the repair, you'd think they could have sent us a box. Boo, Nintendo!)
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I don't think it's too early to share these links, but if you're still in the allergic-to-all-holiday-stuff stage, sorry.

A lot of us are eyeing the holidays with some extra dread due to budget issues, but maybe some of these links will be helpful. Cooking holiday desserts instead of buying them, making gifts, etc., can save a lot of money if you have the time, so I figured by posting early enough, maybe you'll have time. :)

  • Since a lot of people will be cooking a holiday meal in just a couple of weeks, here's Cooking Light's Ultimate Holiday Cookbook. 73 recipes with photos, including appetizers, soups, entrees, desserts, and vegetarian recipes. (Their recipes are generally tasty, reliable, and reasonably healthy; a plus and a minus is that they don't use a lot of tricks like, you know, non-fat "cheese" or sugar substitutes or that kind of thing. So it's real food without the preservatives, bizarre textures, and general strangeness you get from cheating to make ultra-"light" items. The downside is that if you are on a highly restricted diet, their recipes won't work for you. It's a great alternative to sources like Bon Appetit, though, where they seem to just dump cream and butter and lard in everything without thinking about whether they actually need it, so it's a great happy medium for me.)

  • 34 Great Gifts You Can Make Yourself from Get Rich Slowly, including more links at the bottom and in the comments. And yeah, it's not too early to start now if you're making stuff--it always takes longer than you think it will. (I am always happy to get handmade gifts, including food items! I also love secondhand books, and I think it's worth asking your friends to see if they're cool with that too. Two used books > one new book, or one used book > no books, haha.) Here's a MeFi thread on best/worst homemade gifts.

  • Paper madness! Printable holiday "coupon" templates from Microsoft, mod tree gift tags, more gift tags, sturdy Japanese paper box, box templates, use a square of cloth and do it furoshiki-style and make the cloth and a printout of the instructions part of the gift(Actually, printing up a bunch of the best ideas from Papercraft World and Papercraft Paradiseonto awesome paper, with markers and scissors and a cool folder, would be a neat gift for a kid or kid-type person.) (Thanks to [ profile] flourish for the idea! She also suggested classic Victorian/mid-century DIY decorations, but I have run out of steam.)

  • PROMOTE YOUR STUFF OR SERVICES! The last several years I've run a post where I link to your online shop, commission information, etc. Let's do that again this year. Leave your info in a comment along with a sentence or two (or whatever) explaining what kind of things you have/do and who might like your stuff. Anything from your website to a Cafepress page to an LJ post with info or whatever is fine. I'll gather the info and post it all in one post in a week or two. (I think someone else on my f'list did this already; I had a tab open so I could reply but I totally failed to and then had to restart at some point. Sigh.) NB: Please don't assume I know your website or anything; I'm not going to list you unless you comment here (because maybe you have too much business already, for all I know!), so please comment if you would like a shot at more business.

I'm thinking of making some Geek Gift Coupons PDFs myself--e.g., "1 Session of Your Favorite Game," "1 Session Tanking Services," etc.
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Ah yes, November 11th.

The day when people who aren't US Americans rush to tell US Americans about the poppy pin thing because we benighted uncaring bastards don't have it.

(We certainly do. You're just not looking in the right place, or, depending on your area, at the right time. If you want one next year I suggest going on Yelp or posting on some other local bulletin board to find out where to get them. They were being sold within just a few blocks of my place, in front of Raley's, for example. In fact, the whole poppy-selling thing started in the USA! However, most Legion and VFW groups will sell them in May, for Memorial Day, rather than in November for Veteran's Day. But many groups sell them at both times--well, you know, not "sell," but they'll give you one if you donate to help disabled veterans.)

Anyway, I rarely say anything on this day, because (apart from being irritated by the above) I feel such a complex mix of "thank you" and "why are we still doing this?" that I can't actually write about it.

[ profile] karjack wrote some other things that need to be said, though.
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Turkey of some variety (I'd be happy with a large breast-on-the-bone or something, but I hear ominous rumblings from people who want a whole one, which is also quite doable)
Cranberry sauce made with whole fresh berries
Sweet potato casserole with marshmallows 'cause I love 'em
Cauliflower Nom
Mashed potatoes with roasted garlic
Green beans with pepper and bacon
Bread (no-knead from scratch if I'm ambitious or if people help me; parbaked from Trader Joe's if not)
Stuffing (I don't like stuffing, but C. does, so maybe I can find a way to make it--sage free--that I think tastes good rather than merely tolerable. So I'll be looking for some really *different* kind of stuffing recipe.)
Pumpkin pie (hopefully from scratch--I used to do it all the time)
Sparkling apple cider
Hot apple cider
Probably something new and interesting from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian
Any traditional favorites requested by guests, who may include WLP and [ profile] toratigiris

And it's time to look for plane tickets to Arkansas for the winter holidays. Whee. So far, the news stories claiming that airlines have dropped their prices? LIES. ALL LIES.
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I usually order See's chocolates for our mothers on Mother's Day, but it's been later or something recently and the only thing I can order at See's without paying double shipping costs is the Summer Mix. Otherwise, they charge you for warm-weather shipping (ice packs or something). The Summer Mix is OK, according to my folks, but it's all white chocolate and they're not huge fans. So, if you know of another website that ships chocolates in April without charging $15, or another company with a warm-weather-resistant variety, please let me know...
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Ad in the Metro free paper: "Grand Opening -- Tofu House & Chocolate Sushi."

Yep, it's a Korean tofu place that also has dessert in the form of chocolate and other candy made to look like sushi. Madness. I have to try it. EDIT: Dammit. It's just a former fusion restaurant named Chocolate Sushi for no good reason (there *is* a chocolate sushi company in the bay area, so I didn't think it was impossible. Sob.). Like a huge percentage of the "Japanese" restaurants in the bay area, it's essentially a Korean-owned sushi place that is now also serving a Korean menu. But they do have chocolate martinis. Oh well, what I said about Korean tofu stands.

(If the thought of a tofu restaurant makes you un-thrilled, but you've never tried Korean tofu, I beg you to give it a try. It's not at all like the spongy, disgusting salad tofu I was exposed to as a kid. It's piping hot, soft, and creamy and usually delightfully spicy, but sometimes just deliciously savory. Gahhhh, so good, especially in cold weather.)

Anyway, speaking of food, yesterday we adapted [ profile] assaultdoor's mom's ham & asparagus bundles recipe, which I'd never tried. Actually, it was really good. I think if I made it again I'd put a bit of stone-ground mustard inside, and let the cheese cook a little more to brown. I shouldn't have chosen fontina in terms of presentation, as it melts a little too well, but in terms of flavor, it was PERFECT. We also had lemon pappardelle pasta with just a bit of lemon artichoke pesto, challah, and a raspberry-chocolate tart. It was a pretty good dinner if we do say so ourselves.
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A belated Happy St. Urho's Day!

The only thing better than all of these ridiculous, back-formation holiday myths that we accept as real is a holiday that was out-and-out made up from the start!
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How to get published in science: Don't be female.

I hardy even have a coherent response to this. (And no, I'm not surprised, but I'm still shocked. If you know what I mean.)

Trying something new on your dates might help increase long-term relationship satisfaction--and no, not necessarily THAT kind of thing, either. :p Interesting article--check it out. Also cites research indicating that my mom is wrong about the inevitable heat death of the universe death of romantic love in a marriage.

Total lunar eclipse on Wednesday! Too bad I'll be tutoring. They're nifty to look at.

As for the update, well, Kooza was very good, though I liked Varekai more. I was glad we paid the Goldstar price ($55 with fees--here's a referral link for Goldstar, which you can use in the Bay Area, LA, San Diego, Las Vegas, Chicago, DC, NYC, and Boston metro areas). It was my first time using Goldstar and I was pretty happy with it--going to try going to some other events using it. As much as I love Cirque du Soleil, I can't believe they charge you so much (I think the cheapest regular tickets were $90) and then want you to pay $14 for a program! Unsurprisingly, none of us bought a program.

On Valentine's Day, we took [ profile] applechailatte to SFO for her flight back to Japan. Standing in line with her there, I found I really, really wanted to be traveling and going overseas and doing something ...

After that I drove [ profile] assaultdoor to Pittsburg. There was almost no traffic on 101 or the Bay Bridge. It was amazing! He went in to teach his class and I went in search of a grocery store to buy a Valentine's Day treat for his students. I drove for miles and finally found one, and got a huge tray of 24 cupcakes. I was heading toward his classroom when I stumbled on the uneven pavement of the mezzanine-style level. The tray went flying over the edge! It landed with a *SPLAT!* on the bottom floor. :( Sadness! Magic Custodial Staff Guy suddenly appeared, looking quizzical, and I yelled my apologies down. He seemed pretty amused and had it cleaned up in no time. I was so sad though, not to mentioned embarrassed (and, now, very sore--ow). I bought a bag of assorted Ghirardelli squares from a group who was raising money for a memorial scholarship and took that to the class along with my now-useless Valentine's napkins. Bah.

I was in a pretty foul mood after that, but as I was moping around outside, I saw a female hummingbird fly across to a tree. Eventually, she landed--in a nest! I've never ever seen a hummingbird nest in person, and here I was just 1.5 meters away from one. Eek, it was so cute! The nest was about the size of a golf ball, and mama bird just sat in there and looked at me. I didn't try to get any closer, but still, it was really amazing and made me feel a lot better. Actually, she stayed there long enough that I could show her to [ profile] assaultdoor when he finished class.

And [ profile] kyspaz has an adorable new cat. I know [ profile] applechailatte wants to see photos, but I don't know if she has regular internet access or anything yet.

That's about it for me.


Dec. 10th, 2007 09:12 pm
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I'm still totally swamped with pre-travel stuff I have to do, but I still managed to finally meet [ profile] phinnia in person today (thank you for schlepping all the way down to Fremont). As a bonus, also met [ profile] stef_tm. Spiffy folks! It was a good day. At least, assuming [ profile] phinnia made her plane.

On Sunday, we went to Dickens Fair, which was great fun. I ran into some people I knew and showed my two friends around. [ profile] assaultdoor wasn't feeling great, but he soldiered on. Those hot spiced almonds are totally worth it. Plus I learned that my two friends (who are originally from Japan) had never had fudge! Sadly, the DF fudge wasn't the kind that I prefer, so we'll bring them back some from Arkansas so they can try the good stuff. There was a steampunk element this year, complete with working contraptions! So fun. Someday, when I'm more in shape, I swear I'll dress up. In the meantime, I need to make offerings to the gods of shopkeepers, because we unrepentantly tried on/tried out everything from lace parasols to tiaras and a felted cat-shaped hat. If I can get over the images of my huge double chin, I might post something. Sadly, we hit the sea music show during a rather weak spot, but other things made up for that. Also, the Dark Garden window's living mannequins? Va-va-voom!

On Saturday, I got myself some shoes, in addition to the birthday goings-on. They're the Cutter model, and yes, they're men's shoes, which is fine with me (I've owned men's Stacy Adams and Clarks in the past). I am my own special blend of feminine and masculine, thank you. ;) (If I can get another pair, I want these. They do have some very cute heels, but I just Don't. Do. Heels. Wish I'd bought my ankle boots from them...) I think I'm a Dansko convert--the first time I tried them, in a discount store, I thought the heel was slipping and I'd get blisters. The awesome manager at the Takken's in Newark educated me, though.

Someday, when I can afford to buy shoes that I don't wear often, I'm going to get myself a pair of purple shoes. Possibly in crushed velvet.

Now I've got to quit putting off making a list of all the stuff I still have left to do. Eep. (Did I mention the surprise!$500-brake-repair scheduled for tomorrow? Oy.)

Yes, I am queen of pointless little posts lately. I'm sorry.

Listening holiday mix at
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Sorry, I realize that for some of the custom-made items it's too late for Christmas or Yule--and it's ALL too late for Hanukkah! Well, except for the downloadables. Oh well, hang on to it for future reference anyway.

I didn't list anyone who I know has a store or business but who didn't comment previously, figuring you're swamped or whatever right now, but please leave a comment if you still want in. :) I'll just edit the post. I'll make two exceptions, though:

I do hope [ profile] skzbrust and [ profile] tattermuffin don't mind.


Another great store name! This is why I wanted your help coming up with a name for my new blog for EFL/ESL teachers....
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Got an Etsy site? Just started a new business? New book out? If you or someone close to you offers anything you'd like to mention for holiday shopping purposes, please leave a comment with your link(s) and a short description. I'll round 'em up and post later on.


Nov. 19th, 2007 10:09 pm
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When it comes to holidays, I would *definitely* rather cook than clean.
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Amazon has an online Black Friday sale from 6am to 6pm PST that day, including .99-cent gift-wrapping (Amazon referral links). Stuff will change hourly. I would dearly love them to have anything along the lines of the real Black Friday sales, because I @(#$*& hate standing in those lines. (And I need a bunch of Black Friday-type stuff, including a TV ... and a Wii. They're having a Customers Vote thing where you can vote for them to carry various ludicrously marked down items and then you'll have a chance to buy one--hopefully!--later. I voted for the $79 Wii!!! Man, do I want one.)

Now, let me see if this thingie works ... if so, when they start doing the limited-time offers, they should be displayed here:

Oh, dear.

Sep. 15th, 2007 05:06 pm
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Apparently my 30th birthday is Pretend to Be a Time Traveler Day.

I. e. ...

I'd rather it were Talk Like a Pirate Day, though. Because (as noted in the first link) this isn't the kind of thing that introverts usually manage to go through with.

P. S. If anyone in Japan wants to go to Neil Gaiman's signing on the 21st, the details are here, as well as on [ profile] officialgaiman.
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It's true--Mother's Day in the US began not as a greeting-card-company conspiracy, but as a day to celebrate peace. (I used Mother's Day as the theme for the reading that I gave my students on Thursday.)
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I celebrate today as a spring holiday and a cultural event. The entire household went out for a brunch buffet, a new thing at Sweet Tomatoes. They had most of the usual salad fixings, some light and/or breakfasty variations of their usual stuff, zucchini frittata, biscuits and sausage gravy, fresh waffles, French toast, gooey cinnamon biscuits, etc. (Plus Easter eggs.) The biscuits and gravy were actually really good--I've been looking for some in Fremont, because most places seem to get it out of a can. The French toast was also really good, made from baguette slices. And they had hot blueberry topping. Mm. So all in all, I was pretty impressed. If you're not a heavy meat-eater and can live without the usual brunch stuff of ham, bacon, sausage, etc., give it a try. It was under $20 for two people with two beverages and tax.

We have plans to go to the lake for a picnic in mid-afternoon, when we're hungry again. No egg-dyeing this year, though. We do have a quarter ham, but I'm not sure when we'll fix that. I'll probably make it for dinner tomorrow. I was disappointed that there was no asparagus at the farmer's market, and the stuff at Safeway was kinda pale. Did I miss the season or something?

Anyway, I need to clean the living room...and do taxes. Oops.


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