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All right, The Odd Couple by Gnarls Barkley is officially my favorite music discovery of the year now. I know it came out in 2008, and everyone else went nuts over "Crazy" way back in 2006, but whatever, I'm slow, and you guys don't recommend stuff to me, and my radio stations spend all their time playing emo crap by skinny white boys in corduroy pants.

Thank god for Amazon's DRM-free instant gratification.

This is a rare album where there isn't a single song I disliked. Obviously, I liked some more than others, but yeah. I'll jus

I'm kind of amused by how Cee-Lo looks like Cobra Bubbles on the cover there.

Anyway, if there's someone more behind, I would say you should check them out if you like, uh ... Gorillaz and Duffy and the Eels and Moby and British-Invasion-era pop. Which I do.

Now I'm going to go listen to "Surprise" about six more times, but there's no good version on Youtube, so you get no link.
wintersweet: Main character from Yokohama Shopping Project: Just being alive means you've made a clear profit. ☆ 人生、生きちょるだけで丸儲け. (chii-yayyayyay!-me)
Last Starfighter (C. wanted it...)
Dangerous Beauty (I haven't seen it since that night I was stuck in the hotel at DFW on the way back from Bangkok and literally stayed up all night due to jet lag, but even if it's not as interesting as I remember it being, it's still cool that they made a movie based on an academic nonfiction book about a Venetian courtesan!)
The Cat Returns (Borders' ridiculous half-off sale)
Top Secret
The Producers
Grosse Pointe Blank (finally!)
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (Extra Frills Edition)
(a mix of used and new)

Also games, mostly old but one new version of an old game: Disgaea DS, Phantom Brave, Steambot Chronicles, and Chocobo Tales.

Lest you think I've gone insane, pretty much everything was $3-$9, except Disgaea, which was C.'s dating-anniversary present and was full price. And I don't expect we'll buy any more movies or games for a while!

Target also had several movies for $4.75, but I didn't buy anything. I did teach my Japanese friend the meaning of the phrase "silver lining," though. (As in "Every recession has a...")

I'm as surprised as anyone, though.


Mar. 3rd, 2009 02:51 pm
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Edited to add: Go check out [ profile] springfluff's userinfo if you are in need of cheering up and can think of something of which you are a fan (you know, a TV show or something) and so could request or make a virtual or real gift relating to it, even if you're not necessarily a part of "fandom." [ profile] rachelmanija and [ profile] yhlee are trying to cheer up the Internets!

It's pretty wet outside, but I wouldn't say it's been "pouring" like the local people claim it is--I almost never have to turn my wipers past low in Bay Area rain "storms." On the other hand, the wind last night down in southern San Jose was genuinely alarming. And it's definitely been raining steadily--I'm getting a bit worried as to whether my sidewalk is going to flood.

One of those "rules" of "correct English" that I have problems with is possessive+gerund in certain phrases where I tend to use the object pronoun+gerund instead. Good to know that it's not just me being strange (OK, I did that one on purpose :P): according to Language Log, there is ample and educated precedent.

Male and female paycheck graph from the NY Times (honestly, I've started posting this kind of thing to Facebook--I see why [ profile] starfishncoffee started to do that more and more; it's just easier than posting individual items like that to LJ.)

The economy, I has stimulated it. I went to B&N and bought The Demon and the City: A Detective Inspector Chen Novel by [ profile] mevennen, as part of my goal of supporting authors by buying their books new more regularly. This series is really good and you should read it if you like urban fantasy and Asian settings, and don't mind a bit of cyberpunk and nanotech mixed in. (And it has plenty of nonwhite characters, and it's not all just East Asian-white like in a lot of Asian-set fiction, either, and there are characters who aren't straight, too. Very refreshing! And there's a badger that turns into a teakettle! What more do you need?)

Alas, not available on Kindle, although there is a "Tell the publisher! I'd like to read this book on the Kindle!" link on the left. Just one click; no need to fill anything out. So I clicked. The first book, ditto.

I also bought Curry Cuisine from the discount book section as a random gift for [ profile] assaultdoor, who is a curry-of-all-colors nut--it has a modern from-scratch recipe for Japanese curry, so we'll want to try that. It has curries from all over India, of course, but also the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Burma, Pakistan, Malaysia, Cambodia, the Caribbean, Britain, Africa, etc. Awesome (sauce).

And one more book for a friend.

And at Lane Bryant I bought three turtlenecks (rose, grey, black; all thin enough that I can probably wear them 7-8 months of the year here), a pair of soft blue pajamas with venetian lace trim that are decent enough to wear in front of other people (e.g., at the conference with roommate), a long-sleeved black t-shirt (good for layering), a bra, and a pretty strange-looking black and teal shirt (can't direct link to the black/teal one) that looked surprisingly good on, I guess because it actually has shaping for once. The one I bought looks much less like a snakeskin pattern, for the record. The total was about $50 plus tax. I will be good and go complain about the bra on the clothing filter.
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Kinda wish I'd tried to buy that TV that was on sale at Target on Black Friday now--apparently Guitar Hero is designed for widescreen TVs, which is part of why the lyrics are not only small but painfully squished.


Nov. 24th, 2008 05:16 pm
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sore feet.

Too much grocery shopping.


I didn't realize Raley's didn't have a proper meat department! Gah!

*mumbles about lack of Whole Foods*

If we were just done cleaning, I could drive to a Whole Foods, but no, there's really not time.

So once I unpack the food from the other places, I get to go to Safeway.


And I keep second-guessing myself, like "I really need another green vegetable besides green beans!" But come on, there are half a dozen side dishes already. (Mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, green beans, stuffing, bread of some kind, cranberry relish ... ) For only 4 people I think that's fine. But if 2 more show up I'll add brussels sprouts or something, I think. Something I can do in advance or on the stove, at any rate.

Oh well, at least I ran into [ profile] ext_4728 and LJless D at Raley's, and a couple other people I needed to run into, earlier.

(The Balance Board is about half an inch too long for any box that's a standard size and not grossly too big, so we're going to wind up hacking together two boxes with strapping tape. Really, as much as we're paying them for the repair, you'd think they could have sent us a box. Boo, Nintendo!)


Jun. 18th, 2008 06:49 pm
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Windchimes are traditional symbols of summer in Japan. I'm not really into windchimes because I don't like the noise, but I have to confess, I really kind of want this Totoro one. They have a Jiji one too!

(Hey, [ profile] kyspaz, Harry reminds me of Jiji! I kept thinking he moved like a cartoon cat, but I couldn't think which. He's just the inverted color scheme one, is all. ;)

I also really want this DVD of the Ghibli museum, since we went there on our honeymoon but only have pictures from outside the museum.

(Please note that Jlist has many X-rated items, so don't click around if you're at work, etc. I'm just too lazy and grumpy to dig up the link.)

Speaking of DO WANT, I flipped through How To Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman while chilling at [ profile] kyspaz' awesome new house, and I really want it. Err, the book. Welllll, the house too. But I meant the book, because it's a really good guide to cooking freely with veggies and fruits and grains. It has tons of lists and variations and suggestions on how to put meals together. So it's an excellent choice for non-vegetarians like me as well as vegetarians like [ profile] kyspaz. Check it out--it's hard to describe how useful it could be until you look at it.

I'm sorry I'm posting so much. Just pretend it's spread out over the past 3 weeks, OK?
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I still strongly dislike their brewed coffee (and lack of brewed-coffee choices) but a) they have soy milk, skim milk, lowfat milk, and half-and-half on the coffee bar, and b) they have sugar syrup! I have NEVER seen sugar syrup in a cafe that wasn't either Asian or aimed at an Asian clientele. I mean, I don't order iced drinks often, but every time I do wind up trying to dissolve crystalized sugar in my iced tea, I wonder why this simple thing hasn't caught on in the US. So, big points for that and having soy milk on offer without an extra charge.

They don't have wifi but perhaps I can borrow Panera's signal or, well, there are times when it's good for me to do without. I should go write my novel there. :p

Meanwhile, gotta choke down the rest of this oppressively heavy coffee...*gack* I need to see if they have Assam or some other sufficiently caffeinated non-coffee option.
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[ profile] m_cat got locked out on the patio the whole 2 hours I was gone this morning. Poor baby. (I haven't dared go see if she went to the bathroom out there...)

I had two cups of coffee. As a result, I'm both tired and jittery. Explain that one to me. (And my stomach's none too thrilled.)

If Pantene does test on animals, as mentioned by [ profile] whitecrow0, I'm going to have to switch shampoos. Pantene's the only shampoo my hair has ever responded positively to--although, not so much lately, so it was probably time for a change anyway. I'm the worst kind of omnivore; totally lacking in integrity or commitment to either my ethics or my desires. I eat meat (but don't want to touch it raw or think about it too hard), wouldn't do vivisection in school; yet want to use a cruelty-free shampoo. You'd think I could be more consistent.

Responsible Shopper is a website sort of in the same vein as Buy Blue, but considers broader issues. ([ profile] jenniferward will be happy to see that Borders is rated the best out of the book retailers, including Amazon.) They don't have a very comprehensive list of companies yet, though. I hope they're continuing to expand, but if you know of a more extensive website that considers social and environmental issues for shopping, pass it along, please. I'm gradually trying to green our home--replacing cleaners with Method products, paying more attention to recycled items, etc.

Went by Buy Blue again. Some places I won't have to feel guilty for patronizing according to Buy Blue: Google, Burlington Coat Factory, Aloha Air, Jo-Ann's, Panera, Skechers, Apple, BB&B,, Lane Bryant.

Surprisingly blue: AFC Enterprises (Popeye's), Sonic, LL Bean, a whole bunch of hotel chains, Hess Gas Stations (I don't think we have 'em in CA). I wonder what makes it more profitable for hotel companies to donate to the Democrats? I'm sure it's all about the bottom line. I'm also amused that apparently Progressive Corporation is actually progressive. Who would have guessed?

Might need to reconsider:, Jones Apparel Group, Books-A-Million, MBNA, Safeway, SBC, Walgreen's, Staples, Target, Southwest Airlines, Hallmark, Papa John's, Raley's, IHOP, GEICO, Dollar Tree, Michael's, TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Chipotle (owned by . Whoa, look at all the grocery stores. We really need a Whole Foods in Fremont now. I already do a lot of shopping at Trader Joe's, but damn. And Michael's? Not only do they give 100% to conservatives, but it's a very large amount. Too bad it's practically the only craft store in the Bay Area.

Already disliked: Capital One, Blockbuster, Microsoft, AT&T, Coca-Cola, Anheuser-Busch, Guess?, Harley-Davidson, UPS, Clear Channel, Sears, Wal-Mart, PetCo, PetSmart, Circut City, Curves, Best Buy, Campbell's Soup, Dell, McDonald's, Applebee's, Outback, and various other "Duh!" corporations like Chevron. Dell executives gave money to Rick Santorum. EW. [ profile] jenniferward, you might want to consider Gateway instead, although they donated some money to the Republicans too. What is it with the lack of liberal tech businesses? I guess it's not surprising; big business of any flavor tends to be Republican, so it's really more remarkable when a big company, such as Apple or Starbucks or Costco or Mattel, is not on this list or is on the Democratic list.

Can't give up: In-N-Out Burger (all fast food is evil, and I persist in my belief that In-N-Out is the least bad of the bad), Krispy Kreme


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