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Can you do me a favor and check and see if it displays OK? I just installed a WordPress plugin that's supposed to automatically load a phone-friendly version when a phone-based browser is detected, but I have no way of testing it. I'm aware of, but I'm skeptical of its results since they're trying to sell something. I'm also checking (and it seems to kinda work, and even lets you opt out of the mobile version) but still, a real test would be better!


Jan. 20th, 2008 10:48 pm
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I've gotten a bit of traffic from Blogrush, which you can see in action at on the right hand side (though it's supposed to be PLUM-colored, and the color hasn't changed yet). The articles it displays are occasionally interesting--I've actually clicked on a couple myself. Anyway, I'm still experimenting with it, but if you want to give it a try, you can use my referral code (which gets me more displays on other people's blogs):
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Help! displays incorrectly in IE. I think this is due to IE's terrible handling of CSS, but some (most) campuses use IE, so I need to fix it.

If you open it in IE, the body text starts most of the way down the screen, which is not good--at least one person thought the whole site was broken. Does anyone have any idea what to do?

I can contact the layout's author, but I thought I'd see if any of you knew how to fix it.

Thanks. :)
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I changed Shared Wing, my "base" website, to a spring theme. Of course, the cherry blossoms are pretty much done for already here, but oh well. It's pink, but hopefully not overwhelmingly so. (What do you think?) And I added a link to my blog ESL/EFL-learners, but I wonder how I'm really going to manage to increase traffic and get readers. There are so many ESL websites (mostly cruddy and fee-based) that the odds of mine showing up in a Google search are pretty slim. Wah.

Anyway, speaking of flowers, we went to the historic Niles district of Fremont the other day, had a delicious breakfast at the Nile Cafe, and poked through some stores. As we were walking back to the car, I was startled to see a really tall jacaranda tree in bloom already! But wait ... the petals are too pale ... and ... well, it was actually a very large tree that had been totally taken over by a huge wisteria vine collective. The wisteria reached across the sidewalk from inside a Victorian house's yard, and then clung to the tree and worked its way up, several yards/meters to the top of the tree. The whole tree had lavender wisteria dripping from it, and the wisteria vine across the sidewalk was more than a meter across itself. Wow. The resident was taking a delivery at the time, and the delivery guy and [ profile] assaultdoor and [ profile] jenniferward and I all gawked at the tree for a bit. The resident told us that the vine was at least 100 years old. It was really something.
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Sorry, lots of posting today.

We don't multi-task as well as we think we do. Yes, even young people. Lesson? Turn off IM when you're programming/writing/doing math/whatever. At least for some of the time.

Yes, this is a hard thing for me to do too, but I'm pretty sure that my perceived productivity when multi-tasking is not nearly as high as I think it is.

Now, I wonder if I can convince my roommate [ profile] siderealengine of this. ;)

I must thank [ profile] saucernews for informing us all that there is an, to restore balance to the universe. Snakes, bugs, mollusks, cephalopods, etc. ahoy.

According to a post on the Shoujo Anime Club ML, a manga publishing company called Vertical is working on publishing more classic shoujo manga/manga by the famous 1970s shoujo manga artists, of which we've previously seen a criminally small amount in English. They have already come out with "To Terra" by Takemiya "Song of Wind and Trees" Keiko. They've mentioned Moto Hagio and others as future projects.

I mean, I'm a little sad because I wanted to be behind the company that did all this, but that was totally a pipe dream so I'm really just thrilled that someone's doing it. I do wish they were based out here rather than in New York City so I could aspire to work for them someday, but hey, [ profile] hoshizora: I think this company is definitely a future prospect for you.

They've been around since 2001, but I think they're starting to make their impact known now.

I'm going to make a list of 101 things I want to accomplish over 1001 days. Making the list itself will be time-consuming, but I'm going to do it, I think. I've been thinking about goals the last few days. There was a TESOL session I didn't get to go to, which reported yet more evidence that language learners who set specific goals for themselves accomplish more than those who don't. This is probably true for most things. But currently I flail, with vague notions about the future and little clarity. So list-making time it is.

Okay, I have started to use -- I'm still not sure about it, or how to use it, but I'm there, and you can find me using my standard e-mail address. I tried it out because I noticed [ profile] mshades had rated my new project, Readable Blog, on StumbleUpon. Thanks, [ profile] mshades! I need lots of promotion and readers and feedback and comments at this point. So I'll be delighted if anyone comments here or there, Diggs posts, rates the site or individual posts on StumbleUpon, or adds the site to their links--or if you send it to an ESL/EFL teacher or learner.

(I think I broke Readable for IE. At least, in the old version of IE that's on this computer for emergency purposes only, there's like a whole page of white space. I think it's not playing nice with the sidebar. If you're on a computer using IE, could you check for me? Geh.)
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I switched themes to "Say It! 2", which has a cool language theme going. But I had a weird thing going on with the search box overlapping other stuff in the sidebar. I left a comment in the appropriate entry on the author's blog, and guess what: he wrote me back. And told me how to fix it. EVEN THOUGH IT WAS TOTALLY MY FAULT. (I had the search box installed via widgets, so that's where I needed to turn it off. Duh.)

You can see it on my blog project here:
And the author's site/blog is here:

And now, back to trying to finish my homework.

(My goal is to get Readable Blog live by Saturday. So, start making an e-mail list of all the English language learners that you know, so you can tell them about it. ;)),
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If you are trying to post more to your LJ, because you are practicing English, trying to maintain a record of your thoughts, wanting to meet interesting people, etc., here are some ideas:
They have links to sites with topic suggestions and questions for every day of the week. You will find some you like and some that confuse you or seem stupid, so just ignore the pointless ones. (Thank you, [ profile] bride, for suggesting it!)

And don't think that people will be bored by your answers to the questions on these sites. Some of the very best discussions I've seen have been in response to very ordinary posts about "my favorite comfort food" or "weird words only my family uses" or "holiday traditions I hate." So, give it a try.

I also find that reading interesting blogs, feeds, and communities is a good way to prompt some ideas for posting. (E.g., [ profile] boingboing_net, [ profile] get_rich_slowly, [ profile] lifehacker_rss, [ profile] food_porn, etc.)

Yes, I know; I should post LESS, not more. But these ideas are for you. ;)

P. S. Happy Winter Solstice!
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Hey, there's going be a Wordpress gathering in San Francisco on August 5:

If I can get my TESOL blog up and running shortly, I'll go. :p

A couple months later, Cafepress is going to have a two-day conference at Fort Mason ... $75 for the pre-registered price. Ouch. I think I'll stick with the meetups.

I can see the appeal of moving to Wordpress and mirroring entries on LJ. Wordpress is just so much more flexible. I suppose I might, at some point, do what some people on my f'list have done, which is to put posts of public interest on their other blog, and put personal and silly and local stuff on their LJ. The public interest stuff would be mirrored on LJ.

Wordpress just seems like it's more suited for customization, promotion, etc. I imagine installing all these plugins would seem like a pain in the butt for many users, but the level of tweaking I can do is kind of fun! I'm eternally amazed by how much work people will put into things they give away for free. I heart the Internet sometimes (tubes and all). I kind of want to learn PHP now though ... (There are still a few things I'd like to have tighter control over.)

However, Dreamhost is kind of getting on my nerves. The evening of the day before yesterday, we lost FTP and SSH access. There was some back and forth yesterday and they finally said we'd gotten our IP banned due to three failed login attempts. Permanent banning due to 3 bad logins is harsher security than UC Berkeley or my bank--I think they're going a bit overboard. But I'm not even sure they diagnosed the problem correctly, because they said they removed our IP from the ban list yesterday. But we still can't get in (unless we SSH through Berkeley first). Grrr.
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As everyone has posted-- additional e-books, including ones still under copyright, temporarily free from Project Gutenberg:

[ profile] assaultdoor said he was having some trouble navigating it, though.

[ profile] stubbleglitter wrote a good post about reasons to avoid bottled water when possible.

I think I might get banned from ... but it'll be worth it just for the joy of submitting a "news story" called "Minting Monkeys for Money" to the software category. (EDIT: OMG, someone else "dugg" it. My day has been made.)

More blogging stuff (authors with blogs, especially non-LJ blogs, take note!):
13 Ways to Get Your Blog Noticed (now, that's the stage we're really at!)

I'm kind of relieved that that apparently meta tags (keyword-style) are dead.

I recommend everyone read Common Weblogging Mistakes. I think [ profile] m_cat could particularly benefit from a couple of the suggested corrections, namely linking back to good but old posts periodically (who doesn't love lesbian prawns?) and checking Technorati's Top Searches This Hour when low on inspiration. (BTW, [ profile] m_cat's commenters rock--very willing to play around and often out-surreal the cat herself.) Finding related blogs to trade links with would probably be a good idea for [ profile] jenniferward and [ profile] m_cat, too.

Some places suggest joining web rings--does anyone use those anymore? (I do, but only for art sites.)

Speaking of Technorati, you can turn up herself there now--I just searched for parcheesi party and guess who turned up.

Playing with website creation doesn't scratch the same itch as drawing does, but it does feel more creative than just websurfing and LJing.

I need to find some way to apply some of the stuff I'm doing to our Cafepress store. I suppose I need to write some webpages for the stuff to host on ...
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Technorati: Umm, I don't get it. How do you actually find an individual blog? I can't find any search terms that will actually bring up Miss Kitty's blog. I don't know how you find anything except ultra-popular blogs there, so I'm not sure why every article on increasing blog readership advocates signing up with Technorati. I guess maybe if you're already ultra-popular, it could make you super-mega-ultra-popular. :p Their sparse Wikipedia entry describes it as a "search engine for searching blogs." Well, note that it doesn't say "finding blogs." Maybe I just don't get it.

Can anyone turn up [ profile] m_cat there?

([ profile] m_cat's usual assistant is busy with other stuff.) doesn't play nice with Technorati, I suspect, because Technorati emphasizes tags. And Livejournal won't display more than 100 entries per tag. If you post a lot of any one tag (say, recipes) or post frequently, or keep a blog more than a few months or a couple years, this limit is significant. LJ's useless suggestion in the above link is to further subdivide your tags, but that completely defeats the whole idea of tags. For example, I might want to tag a brownie recipe with five tags: 1) brownie 2) recipe 3) dessert 4) chocolate 5) easy, not 1) easy chocolate brownie dessert recipe. That way I could find the recipe and several others by looking at multiple tags, like "chocolate+dessert+easy." Otherwise, I'd just use bookmarks! For heavy users of LJ, it might as well not support tags at all.

This is why I won't be using Livejournal for my fiction blog project. Ideally, I'll keep it up for more than a few months, maybe even several years, and so I certainly would hope to have more than 100 entries tagged "flash" or "fantasy" or whatever.

I imagine we'll add [ profile] jenniferward's project and mine to Technorati, but if they use WordPress, I think we'll have to install Ultimate Tag Warrior first.

Sigh. Okay, what other useful tips on boosting blog traffic have we here?

Okay. [ profile] m_cat is now available via Feedburner: -- I know LJ provides a feed automatically, but FB is much more customizable and looks better. Easy enough; I expect Jenn and I will do it too. However, making a blog capable of being read via Livejournal syndicated accounts, feed aggregators, etc., merely makes it available to a wider audience. It won't help us get off the ground with more readers.

The final suggestion I'm looking at is to submit favorite posts to Digg and, which is easy enough. I put [ profile] m_cat's page in my a while back, but I don't think it has gained her any readers (no one else has the link saved, so I'm guessing not). But perhaps submitting the posts that I particularly enjoy to Digg will work. Digg is something I haven't really explored yet.

Thus concludes this episode of Promoting Your Blog.


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