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 Dear Yuletide Writer,

Take pity on me, because this is the first time I've decided to not just enjoy the fruits of Yule after they're shared with the public but actually try to participate. So my letter is late and possibly weird or unhelpful. At any rate, please use what works for you and ignore things that don't. I'm only putting things here in case you want to use them, not to make your life more difficult.  I'm just thrilled that you're writing a thing! A thing for ME! In conclusion, you're the best Yuletide writer ever and I love you in advance. Yes. Truly.

I love
world-building (food, culture, weather, etiquette, scenery, clothing, history, language...)
minor characters
slice-of-life or character studies (plot is optional! but I also love a plotty plot!)
both plain language and poetic language
characters with unexpected but somehow fitting skills and interests
good relationships (friends, lovers, between people of different statuses)
a partnership of equals
happy endings

I don't love/please no
character death
general grimdarkness
non-con/mpreg/abuse/manipulation/A-B-O, etc.,
for these particular fandoms, any of the canon relationships being broken/subbed for other ships

I'm fine with
whatever "rating" level you feel moved to write, if you feel moved to write sexytimes
OCs to make the story move along
AUs if that's your thing
nonstandard formats (songs, poems, fragments, letters, etc.)
stories set in the past, present, or future relative to the published works
a lack of obsessive detail--look, I don't join book clubs or participate much in fandom because I'm not that fan who notices and remembers tiny details, minor characters, subtle verbal motifs, geographical trivia, and so on. Therefore, if you just want to write about two characters chatting, or if you want to make up the distance from X to Y, I won't mind at all!

Specific comments for each fandom are below.

Request 1: Elemental Logic - Laurie J. Marks  

OK, to be honest, I'm still finishing Water Logic. Almost there!

Things I love about this series: the range of sexualities, the range of relationships and family structures, gender is mostly not an issue, not everyone is white, the food, the realness of the physical setting, books!!!, glyphs, ravens, weird magic, a culture that actively tries (if often fails) to not suck. Also, how people fall in love with each other's strengths and personalities, not their superficial attributes. 

My OTP is Karis and Zanja, though all the other canonical relationships are great. I'd love to see Karis and Zanja together. If you do write about them, I really don't want to see them hurting each other. Sexy is fine, cute is fine, domestic is fine. Kickass is fine, too. I also love Garland--it'd be extra nifty if he showed up!

Request 2: The Goblin Emperor - Katherine Addison  

Things I love about this book: the writer doesn't play with my heart or kick me in the feels for making the mistake of caring, the elaborate worldbuilding, the food, details of clothing and knickknacks, people trying their best to do the right thing, the tangle of caring and etiquette and obligations and AHHHH. Ahem.

As I wrote in my request, I would actually enjoy almost any characters in any combination! I'm just MOST interested in: Shalëan being a piratical badass (perhaps she has a lady friend or three!), Cala and Csevet and Beshelar being awesome, Vedero studying the stars (hmm, perhaps she has a lady friend!), Maia and Csethiro being Maia and Csethiro. Or really any of them just having a normal day. It's all good as long as nothing horrible happens to anyone.

Request 3: Ascension - Jacqueline Koyanagi  

Things I love about this book: Women kicking ass, family from strangers, not everyone is white, not everyone in super great physical condition, people are smart, aliens are weird, space opera!

Things I hate about this book: THERE'S NOT MORE. WHYYYY

Other characters are fine, too; though mostly I'm interested in Tev and Alana's relationship (and their being happy together!). But explore whichever direction pulls you. 


Thank you again! (And feel free to contact me through the mods if you have a question.)


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