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Ridiculous *Salon* (!) review of Inception in which the reviewer gets all out of sorts because the female characters aren't wearing slutty clothing and nobody gets it on with anybody else. Seriously, I think that may be his main issue with the movie. WTF.

The movie definitely fails the Bechdel Test, but I was still pleased that Nolan didn't feel the need to push Ariadne together with anyone. I'm constantly irritated by movies where people hook up as part of a catharsis storyline or because it's just part of the formula for any movie with one female character in an action ensemble. And neither that nor the fact that she wore pants makes her an "androgyne," FFS. (She's quite feminine-looking.) That writer clearly has some serious issues with women...

At any rate, there was no specific reason for Eames, Arthur, or Yusuf to be male (I think Saito had to be). Yes, Mal's projection had to show extra jealousy or something due to Ariadne's appearances close to Cobb, but a female character who was uninterested in exploring his psyche and didn't follow Cobb around (like Yusuf or Eames) wouldn't have altered the storyline. Again (I hate having to repeat this so many times) it's not really a problem with THIS movie; it's that SO MANY movies have this issue. There's just one main ensemble female (Mal was a minor antagonist, not a protagonist; the character is actually a projection of a male character, if you accept that version of the movie). Either way, the woman/the women in the movie wind up orbiting the male characters. Men can interact with each other, but women are not interesting enough to interact with each other. There needs to be a guy involved, usually literally (in the scene); sometimes just as the topic of conversation, but ever present. It's deeply irritating.

Still, it was an interesting role for Ellen Page, and it's horribly unusual for a woman to get a role that's not a girlfriend, a wife, a mother, a prostitute, or another deeply (and often negatively) gendered role. A brilliant architect is a cool role.

Anyway, I appreciated having both Ken Watanabe and Dileep Rao as part of the ensemble, even if their characters weren't terribly groundbreaking. They made the most of their parts, though. And they survived (assuming you believe anyone existed or survived).

I can still take or leave di Caprio (I hate his voice, and he always looks a little bloated to me), but I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He looked like he put in a ton of work on those stunts, yikes.

The Fortress of Solitude/Ice Field fight went on way too long (C. and I came up with different nerdy nicknames for it).

I haven't seen anyone else mention a "Fisher King" theme, but Fischer father and son, in the bed in the castle-like fortress, tycoon (king) father bedridden and guarding a valuable thing, seemed to echo it for me! (Even if Saito was actually the one with the wound that couldn't heal.)

Some actually cool articles about it:

I thought the degree of "one-line explanation"/handwave that they did for the technology was perfectly sufficient. I do not appreciate technobabble/exposition/ludicrous origin scenes that don't add anything to the story, and so the amount they put in was just enough.

Anyway, it's on my very short list of sf films that are worth watching. I'm glad there have been a few lately.


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