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If I recommended or sent you something in person or online, like mp3s or a video or a blog link or a book, and you actually liked it, it absolutely makes my day when you actually tell me about it. If I sent you a ton of videos or blog recommendations or something and you only liked one, it still makes my day if you tell me about that one--I'm much happier if you tell me about the one you liked than if I never hear anything about the stuff I sent you. I won't get upset about things you didn't like (I swear, I fully grasp this concept of "personal taste," haha).

I realize that when I send unsolicited things to people, they don't have any obligation to tell me anything, even if they did like it, but I don't have a lot of good things happening to me lately and I would be really happy to hear back once in a while if people did like something. (Or if I should lay off, because sometimes I worry about that, too.) I feel like I'm not good for a whole lot lately, so if I can tell somebody about something and they like it or they find it useful or something, then hey, maybe I'm good for something after all. Not that I want to put the burden of my self-worth on you; it'd just be nice to hear back once in a while.

I've checked a couple times lately with people who were totally silent about massive [MP3 CDs/e-mails of recommendations/whatever] that I sent to find out if I'd just totally overstepped my bounds or what, only to find out that they were very pleased with what I'd sent them and were [listening to it all the time/using it on a daily basis], but they just had never said anything about it. I wasn't looking for a thank-you; the problem was that since they'd said nothing, I figured I'd missed the mark and should not send anything (or should send something different) in the future. :/

I know people are busy and overwhelmed and stressed out, too; I'm just hoping that once in a while, if possible, if I send you something you like or can use, that you tell me "Hey, I liked that" or "That was useful." That's it. It would make me ridiculously happy.

Anyway, I realize this probably sounds whiny as hell, and I don't want it to, but I can't figure out a more eloquent way of putting it.

(EDIT: And you don't need to comb your memory for old recommendations, really. Not trying to guilt-trip anyone. :))
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